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     She sent me something in the mail today. It was just a small box of simple things, from candy to a picture of us together; but it’s the little acts of love that mean the most to me.

     THINK ABOUT IT. She took the time out of HER day, HER life to think about what would make me smile. She took the time to go to the store and spend twenty minutes finding each individual gift, checking them out, and using her OWN money to purchase them. She took the time to drive to the post office, package the gifts, and send them off to me at a location two and a half hours away. 

     SACRIFICE. Just like Jesus did for you AND me thousands of years ago. She sacrificed time for herself to do something for ME. She sacrificed her car’s fuel and some of her money to do something for ME. It’s exhilarating when you think about how a simple act of kindness and love can become a beautiful act of sacrifice. 

     She has NO IDEA. Little does she know, today she taught me how a sacrifice can be one of the greatest acts of love. Little does she know, she is challenging me to be a better person through this small sacrifice. 

     SACRIFICE. I will never again take that word for granted, nor will I ever take her for granted. 


 I have been in Destin, Florida for about five days now. The weather has been absolutely beautiful aside from a small thunderstorm this morning.

 This vacation has felt very different for me. For the first time in a long time, I am not ready to go home after four days; not longing to get back to the things that distract me from developing my relationship with my loved ones. If I could stay here another full week, I would in a heartbeat.

 I have strengthened my relationships with my mother, my two sisters, but especially with my father. My father and I have been fishing a lot on this trip, and these frequent fishing adventures have allowed my father and I to relax together and really enjoy what the Lord has given us. I am learning even more that my father’s self-less-ness is his one of his greatest qualities. My father only wants the best for me and he wants to see me grow in my Catholic faith and my relationship with God.

 Speaking of my relationship with God, I have taken advantage of this vacation and have done some spiritual reading (Rediscover Catholicism: By Matthew Kelly). This book has really opened my eyes to the beauty of Catholicism and some of the problems the Church is facing.  

 There was one particular chapter that spoke to me. It was a chapter about the Mass and how the majority of Catholics are not preparing for Mass the right way; therefore, leading to boredom and eventual separation from Sunday Mass all together. My initial reaction to reading this chapter gave me a feeling of remorse. I started to realize that I am not experiencing Mass how I should be. However, after a few minutes to let the reading sink in, I felt blessed because I am learning the weaknesses in my faith at a very young age. Exposing these weaknesses at a young age gives me the opportunity to grow in my faith as I continue my years through college.

 God gave me this vacation as a gift. He gave me this vacation to develop my relationship with my family, but especially with HIM. God gave me this vacation to grow in my faith and to grow in virtue. God has a plan for me, and this vacation is helping to guide me on the path God has constructed for me.

 VACATION, what a fulfilling experience.

I not only play the drums for my leisure and to create special music, but for my one and only Lord as well. 
Ever heard of praying through action? Well, sometimes I use the time when I play the drums as my time to pray as well. It can be as simple as offering every time signature change, style change, drum fill, etc. as a prayer for an individual or even a group of people. God loves when his children act on their passions, so why not use a passion as a form of prayer?
So I challenge you to try to pray through action, use something you’re passionate about as a form of prayer (cooking, sports, writing, designing, etc; they are all acceptable)! Prayer is beautiful. YOUR talents are beautiful!
-The power of prayer is undeniably beautiful. That’s why I am a DRUMMER for GOD.
-Paul A. Downing
MY DREAM DRUM KIT. Too bad the cymbals alone are worth over 3K.
My hometown arts center if it was in a movie scene.
Pretty sweet huh?
A picture I transformed into a comic.

This cover is better than the original.

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